Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Down Syndrome Affiliates in Action

One of the challenges in organizing local efforts via a Down syndrome association or group is to identify resources among the many support organizations out there. Down Syndrome Affiliates in Action also recognized this need and created a conference/association of advocacy groups across the country and internationally. The annual conference serves as a melting pot of ideas and learnings that are invaluable. It also reassures that there is a huge network of people united for a common cause.
From the DSAIA website: 
Down Syndrome Affiliates in Action started as a conference bringing together outstanding leadership from Down syndrome organizations around the country. After consecutive years of explosive growth, the conference has extended its reach internationally and is now a trade association continuing its mission.
  • DSAIA's purpose continues to be to serve our affiliates through collaboration, resource sharing, and networking.  View a webinar or pdf document explaining the many benefits of joining the Trade Association.

There are many Down Syndrome non-profit organizations on the web. Here is a link to many of them along with a designation if they are a DSAIA member.
The sixth annual Down Syndrome Affiliates in Action conference will be held February 29 to March 3, 2012 in Washington D.C. It is in conjunction with the National Down Syndrome Society Buddy Walk on Washington. The conference brings together nearly 100 organizations for more than 70 sessions and lectures. Participants consistently rave about the energy and focus the conference delivers to them and their organizations.

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