Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Disability Employment Statistics

  • In February 2011, the percentage of people with disabilities in the labor force was 21%. By comparison, the percentage of persons with no disability in the labor force was 70%
  • The unemployment rate for those with disabilities was 15%, compared with 9% for persons with no disability
  • Number of people with disabilities aged 16-64 is 33,153,211
  • Of those, the total number employed is 18,525,862
  • People with disabilities aged 16-64 employed is 55.8%
  • Of the 18.6 million people with disabilities employed aged 16-64, 60.1% of men with disabilities are employed, and 51.4% of women with disabilities are employed
This is the first year ever that statistics have been released for Americans with disabilities in the area of unemployment. With the release of this data, the federal government statistically recognizes those with disabilities as participants in the civilian labor force. Before the release of these official disability employment statistics, many and conflicting numbers were available from various services. This information can be valuable in guiding public policy designed to help advocacy groups who experience labor market difficulties.


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