Friday, November 25, 2011

Ukraine's Early Learning Center for children with Down syndrome

from Kyiv Post:
The first non-government Early Learning Center for children with Down syndrome started its work in Kyiv a year ago, and 320 families from all over Ukraine has already visited it.

The center is not supported by state. “In the beginning we applied to state agencies for help but were said that everything we could get was a state-paid position for a teacher. With Hr 500 salary. We thanked and refused”, says Sergey Kuryanov, the centre’s director and a parent of a child with Down syndrome.

According to Kuryanov some companies in Ukraine are already willing to hire people with Down syndrome. “But the thing is that there are no specialists among people with Down syndrome, that are ready to work,” says Kuryanov. “That is because the possibility of educating children with Down syndrome is usually disregarded.”

According to official statistics, every year 400 babies with Down syndrome are born in Ukraine. And about 250 of them are being dropped when in maternity houses.

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