Thursday, June 30, 2011

from the NDSS:

NDSS is pleased to spotlight their newest National Buddy Walk Partner, Down Syndrome Footprint. Established in 2009 by new parents Mike and Katia Hauser, Down Syndrome Footprint started from a vision seeking a unique and universal image that would both represent Down syndrome, and develop awareness, empowerment and employment for individuals with Down syndrome. Down Syndrome Footprint is proud of the fact that each of its products is either made or packaged by an individual with Down syndrome.
To help support each approved Buddy Walk, Down Syndrome Footprint is offering each Walk a basket of Down Syndrome Footprint merchandise. In addition, Down Syndrome Footprint has come up with three different ways that you can raise funds for your Buddy Walk or your organization using their merchandise risk-free.

The Down Syndrome Footprint Foundation is committed to creating greater awareness, empowerment, and employment opportunities for all individuals with Down syndrome.

This triangle of advocacy is designed to improve the success for individuals with Down syndrome, their family members, and the community as a whole.

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