Thursday, June 16, 2011

Urge your U.S. Representative and Senators to reject Medicaid cuts.

From the NDSC:

Call to Action
Urge your U.S. Representative and  Senators to reject Medicaid cuts.
Call your U.S. Senators and Representative Toll Free today at 1-866-922-4970

Medicaid funds virtually ALL adult services including long term support services that enable people with disabilities to live and work independently in the community.  Medicaid also funds services for children in many states. These services can include respite care, after-school services and other in-home support services.

Under any plan in which there are large reductions in federal spending on Medicaid the burden of paying for services would fall to the states that would be likely be forced not only to eliminate services but to deny new applicants.

NDSC believes that Medicaid, in its current form, desperately needs reform and we focus a lot of our efforts on changing the law so that it can better meet the needs of people with disabilities and reduce the amount of Medicaid spending.  One of the ways in which this can happen is enabling families to control the financial resources, through a fiscal intermediary and give families significant decision making power in getting the services their child needs.  However, drastic cuts to the program with no significant reform efforts will only hurt people with disabilities.
Action Needed

Congress is debating how to balance the budget -- and they need to hear from you. Reducing the deficit is important, but the approach must be fair and balanced. We should not balance the budget on the backs of individuals with disabilities-- those who can least afford to bear it.

The message that Senators and Representatives need to hear now is "DON'T CUT MEDICAID." Cuts to this vital program will only shift costs to states and transfer the burden to people with disabilities and seniors who depend on the program for long-term services and supports.
What Should You Say?

• Please reject Medicaid cuts in any form.
• Please oppose any proposals that include or will lead to deep spending cuts or restructuring Medicaid.

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