Sunday, February 27, 2011

Actors with Down syndrome

Since it is Oscar night, let's take a moment to look at Movies that feature an actor with Down syndrome.

Television Movies

2008 - The Memory Keeper' s Daughter- Lifetime Krystal Nausbaum
2001 - Jewel- CBS Ashley Wolfe
2000 - Flowers for Algernon- CBS David McFarlane
1997 - Smudge- TNT Andrea Friedman
1995 - My Antonia- USA Blair Williamson
1992 - Jonathan: The Boy Nobody Wanted- NBC Chris Burke, K.C. Clarizo
1987 - The Kid Who Wouldn' t Quit- ABC Brad Silverman
1987 - Kids Like These- (11-08-87) CBS Ted Polito
1987 - Celebration Family- ABC Mindy Zazanis
1982 - The Kid from Nowhere- NBC Ricky Wittman
1977 - This is My Son- NBC

Feature Films

2006 - Unknown- The Weinstein Co. Blair Williamson
2005 - The Ringer- Fox Eddie Barbanell, John Taylor
2003 - Afterlife- Soda Pictures (UK) Paula Sage
2001 - I Am Sam- Alliance Atlantis Brad Silverman
1996 - The Eighth Day- Gramercy Pictures Pascal Duquenne
1988 - The Seventh Sign" Columbia TriStar John Taylor

Other's can be found on Down Syndrome in Arts & Media.

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