Wednesday, February 25, 2015

10-year-old disabled boy left on bus for four hours

by Randy Escamilla from Fox 29 San Antonio:

PLEASANTON, Texas -- Pleasanton Independent School District officials scrambled Tuesday to find out how a 10-year old disabled 4th grader with Down's syndrome was left behind on a school bus for four hours in 43-degree weather.

The incident happened Monday. According to the grandmother of Ethan Ramos, 10, a maintenance worker cleaning the bus found the boy.

Ethan suffers from numerous disabilities including Down's syndrome, sleep apnea, heart disease, and asthma.

"He could have died. Simple as that," said Ethan's grandmother Anna Lisa Alvarez.

Alvarez said she did meet with the Pleasanton Schools District's Superintendent who apologized to her.

Today, district officials sent memos to all bus drivers and also met with them to discuss Ethan's incident.

Alvarez said she could have faced jail time if she had negligently left a child alone in the car. She wants someone to be held liable.

"If it would have been us, we would have been in jail, simple as that," Alvarez said.

The Pleasant School District says its police department is investigating to find out if any laws were broken or if somebody will be held liable for leaving the boy on the bus

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