Saturday, February 14, 2015


from World Down Syndrome Day:

Below is a list of our WDSD NATIONAL MERCHANDISE PARTNERS who may be able to offer our range of LOTS OF SOCKS logo socks and t-shirts, or WDSD t-shirts, subject to availability.
If you are based in one of these countries, please contact them first for WDSD Merchandise. If not available there, go ahead and purchase from our ONLINE SHOP.

ALBANIA - Jonathan Center
GRENADA - Grenada Down Syndrome Association
GEORGIA - Association of Professionals and Parents of Children with Down Syndrome "Our Children"
IRAQ - Down Syndrome Association of Iraq (Hiba Centre for Down Syndrome)
IRELAND - Down Syndrome Ireland
LUXEMBURG - Trisomie21.Lu
MACAU (CHINA) - Macau Down Syndrome Association
NIGERIA - Down Syndrome Foundation Nigeria
SINGAPORE - Down Syndrome Association Singapore
SOUTH AFRICA - Down Syndrome South Africa
SOUTH KOREA - Korea Down Syndrome Society
UNITED KINGDOM (England & Wales) - Down's Syndrome Association
UNITED KINGDOM (Northern Ireland) - Down's Syndrome Association

If you are not able to make contact with the organisation in your country, please contact Down Syndrome International for assistance.

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