Thursday, June 5, 2014

See and Learn Saying Words

By Down Syndrome Education Enteprises CIC:

See and Learn Saying Words is designed to support the development of clear speech for children with Down syndrome and other children with similar speech difficulties.

See and Learn Saying Words is designed to help children to say words and improve the accuracy of their word productions through simple activities that encourage the imitation and repetition of one- and two-syllable words. It includes eight sets of words, each starting with a speech sound that usually develops early in typical development.

See and Learn Saying Words can help parents, teachers and therapists to support the regular speech practice that research evidence suggests is necessary to develop clearer speech. It is part of See and Learn Speech - an evidence-based teaching scheme developed by Down Syndrome Education International – a widely recognised leader in research and effective interventions for children with Down syndrome.

The See and Learn Saying Words app features three activities:

• Learning to Say Words – using picture prompt cards and speechreading cues to encourage first attempts at saying words
• Practising Saying Words – using sets of picture prompt cards in games to encourage more complete word production
• Rehearsing Saying Words – multiple repetitions of specific words to improve the clarity and consistency of word production

The See and Learn Saying Words app also includes a detailed guide and forms for record keeping.

Children can start the activities in See and Learn Saying Words when they:

• can produce at least some of the consonants b, d, m, p, y, n, w or h - for example, m, and b.
• can produce simple combinations of these consonants and a vowel - for example, moo and baa.

See and Learn Saying Words is one of series of steps in the See and Learn Speech programme. For further information and advice, please refer to our web site.


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