Sunday, September 28, 2014

Watch David Hasselhoff Take A ‘Knight Rider’ Superfan With Down Syndrome For A Spin In KITT

by Danger Guerrero from UPROXX:
This is really cool. In a recent segment of the Dutch television program Syndroom (which, according to the translated version of its Facebook page, is dedicated to “helping people with Down syndrome, autistic disorders and other syndromes” fulfill “their ambitions, dreams and fantasies”), David Hasselhoff took a Dutch Knight Rider superfan named Twan out for a spin around Beverly Hills in KITT. Here’s the YouTube description of the video, translated from Dutch to English.
It is a very special day for Twan: he met David Hasselhoff. He even get a thick hug of this American superstar and may take a ride with David in the KITT.
And sure enough, off they go. They even have it set up so KITT gives Twan a personalized message before they all pull away, which apparently means they got 87-year-old William Daniels — Mr. Feeny himself — to reprise his role as the voice of the car. Everyone appeared to have a really great time, especially Hasselhoff, who took great pleasure in freaking out some people on the freeway.
If you want the full experience, though, I recommend watching the full episode on Syndroom’s website (Twan’s segment takes up the whole first half). It turns out this YouTube clip was the culmination of a whole experience, including visiting Twan’s Knight Rider memoribilia-filled room and documenting his trip from Holland to Los Angeles. It’s all in Dutch, but trust me, you can follow along and it is sweet as hell.
Shoutout to Twan, shoutout to The Hoff, shoutout to KITT. Everyone gets an A+ on this one.

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