Sunday, November 9, 2014

Girl finds best friend at K9 Country Club

from KREM2:
A business called the K9 Country Club in Spokane Valley not only houses and trains dogs, but they also help match them up with kids who have special needs.
It is a program that has made a big impact on one little girl named Ella.
"Ella is eight-years-old," said Ella's mother Kacey Bode. "She has down syndrome. She's a very fun little girl. She's the light of our lives."

Second grader Ella has no shortage of people loving her.
"All you can say is she is Ella!" Bode said. "She has so much personality."
Ella's energy is a great fit for a special pup named Luna.
"We started coming here about two months ago," Bode said. "It's been an amazing fit. Ella and Nick the trainer just hit it off."
"They have a very innocent, special, loving way to connect to the dogs," said K9 Country Club Trainer Nick Lungo. "If I can facilitate that, I feel like I'm using my gift."
Nick Lungo with the K9 Country Club on Appleway in Spokane Valley specializes in not only training special needs children, but finding them dogs that would suit their personality.
"Ella has already become more responsible, she enjoys feeding Luna, taking her out, brushing her," Bode said.
In return for all that pampering, Ella has a fierce protector.
"It is almost like a third parent and boy do I need help," Bode said.
Ella's mom said Luna is also a pretty cute support system for her little girl.
"Ella has come home from school upset and she'll hug Luna and say you're my best friend," Bode explained.
It is an unbreakable bond and a source of companionship. One that would never have been possible without the dedication of Nick and the K9 Country Club


  1. I'm not sure if this is true or not...I just found some disturbing comments here:

    ~Mr. Lungu is a man who has been arrested for domestic violence against his wife and child. He abuses the animals in his care, I saw him beat my own dog in the face with a whip. Perhaps that would be a story worthy of reporting. He is dishonest and soaks people for every dime he can get, putting him out there as someone who serves the community is actually harmful to the community.~

    This is only one of them. There are a few more....

    I know that Mr. Lungo has won many awards for his facility and that if there was a problem with them abusing the animals, I'm sure that the SPCA would have shut them down. Some folks don't understand that different training techniques may have to be applied for some dogs.

    The domestic abuse against his wife and child.... I can not find anything to prove this either.

    I found the story of Ella to be beautiful and I'm happy that this facility is willing to help her out with a furry companion.

    I could be wrong in thinking that the comments I viewed are just a bunch of sour grapes..... but, it did make me wonder some.

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